Who am I ?

mostar and me

I am currently writing my PhD in Anthropology at the University of Louvain la Neuve. I write, of course, about Mostar and how the city transformed during the last 20 years or so.
I discovered the country by hasard and fell in love with the people immediately. I first worked in Tuzla in different refugee camps, on different topics, discovered Herzegovina a bit later when driving a friend home to her native Ljubuški that she hadn’t seen since 1992. I couldn’t believe the sight of the plain before Mostar and was petrified when we entered the city. Somehow, the only thing I could repeat all day was « what happened here ? ». The city of Mostar stroke my attention in a very deep way. I had already seen the rest of the country, I discovered Mostar and Herzegovina last . A well kept secret inside a country generally called Bosnia. People say it’s for language commodity reasons. I think Herzegovina is not a commodity and it became a kind of second home.

I travelled in and out of Mostar until I decided to live there. I directed the Film Klub Mostar and worked inside the Cultural Center Abraševic for two years. I then moved to Sarajevo and was cultural attachée of the French Embassy for 2 years until I called it quit and headed back to France.

I travel to Mostar and Bosnia-Herzegovina as much as I can which is never enough.