What is this blog ?

This blog is an observation of Mostar, a multidisciplinary promenade into the capital of Herzegovina. It is a mix of private micro-observations and more general topics related to the city. It doesn’t pretend to give specialist or academic point of views.

The city of Mostar is constantly refered as « grad slucaj » = « the city-special-case » or « the divided city » as if it was the only characteristic of Mostar. Very few are the observations of its everyday life, its citizens, its many little secrets, details, its History and stories and moreover its other bridges… In a space over-determined by its division and dirty politics, spaces and acts of resistance, regardless of their size, are completely overshadowed and ignored.

This blog is dedicated to draw a portrait of a city almost always reduced to clichés and its symbols. Let’s discover, little by little, what’s hiding behind these caricatures and draw a portrait of a city that does not reveal itself easily.

On this blog, it is mandatory to call the country « Bosnia and Herzegovina », « BiH », « Bosnia-Herzegovina », whatever is the best for you but it is not allowed here to drop Herzegovina out of the picture, as it’s generally the case, reducing the country to « Bosnia ».